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Just Plead Guilty?
If you choose to just pay the ticket, you risk having points on your driving record and subjecting yourself to a possible increase in your insurance premium. Many courts do not allow you to change your election once you plead guilty, so choose wisely.
Should I Fight the Ticket?
If you feel you did not deserve the citation you have a right to contest the case in a court of law. If you're lucky the case could be dismissed! Keep in mind, though, that there are no guarantees and you may be required to pay extra court fees and costs.
Can I Choose a Class Instead?
Many courts allow drivers to complete a traffic school or defensive driving course in order to keep the ticket from effecting your driving record. These classes can be elected or court ordered, depending on the circumstances.

You Have Choices

Take the stress out of receiving a traffic ticket. provides you with everything you need to know about satisfying all court requirements.


Understanding your options can save you money now and save you money in the long run. Courts often give you a reduced fine for attend a traffic school / defensive driving course. You can often avoid increases in insurance premiums due to moving violations as a result of electing a traffic school / defensive driving course option.

VALUABLE RESOURCES provides you with links to County and State agencies including Clerk's Offices, Court Locations, DMV offices, Secretary of State offices and licensing bureaus. In addition to this are useful forms and publications such as your State Driver Handbook. We can even help you get a copy of your driving record.


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