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Our Defensive Driving Program is designed with quality content for safe driving. Our utmost priority is to improve driver safety and motivate our customers to learn safe driving by providing the most convenient way to do defensive driving course on the internet!

We help drivers dismiss traffic tickets and reduce insurance rates. Defensive Driving course is completely flexible and designed to fit effortlessly into your schedule.

Simple and User friendly DMV/Court approved Defensive Driving program gives you an option to clear your record without spending your Weekends in the classroom. Our state-of-the-art Research, Quality writing and expert website design makes the Driving safety courses well prepared, convenient and painless option compared to other Defensive Driving schools.

Our Defensive Driving program contains text, videos, and animations aimed at helping you become a better driver in a way that's interesting and interactive. This Driving course will take you about 6 hours to complete and contains 12 chapters, each outlining a different aspect of driving safety. Defensive Driving program covers traditional driving safety information, specific rules and regulations like state speed limits and DWI/DUI laws

Whether the court has required you to complete defensive driving course or you are choosing to improve your driving record - we can help.


  • Safe Driving Practices, Demerit Point Reduction, Reduced Insurance rates.
  • Easy Online Defensive Driving Course in Multiple Sessions
  • Secure website and credit card transactions
  • Express certificate delivery available
  • Immediate, 24-hour customer service

Register to Online Defensive Driving Program and see how convenient it is to keep your insurance rates low and points off your record. Enter to see that is the best way to take a Defensive Driving course.


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