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Defensive Driving Online Course

Taking a defensive driving online course instead of traffic school is easier than you think. Our online course is so convenient; you don't even have to leave your own home. The beauty of our course is that you can log in to access the lessons at any time and from any computer. You can study when you find the time and at the pace that is right for you. We understand that each person studies differently so we have created a course that accommodates everyone.

So Easy, Anyone Can Do It

Our online courses are so easy, anyone can take them. You do not even need to be computer savvy. Our Defensive Driving Online Course will automatically move you on to the next lesson and saves your place for the next time you log in. There are multiple choice checkpoint quizzes throughout the course in order to make sure you are retaining all the information you will need. Don't worry, the lessons will have prepared you to take the quizzes and you can take the final exam as many times as you like so you are guaranteed to pass.

24/7 Customer Support

We are sure you will not encounter any problems throughout the process but just in case, our customer support team is here to help. Feel free to contact us via telephone, e-mail or live chat, whichever you prefer.



  • Safe Driving Practices, Demerit Point Reduction, Reduced Insurance rates.
  • Easy Defensive Driving Online Courses in Multiple Sessions
  • Secure website and credit card transactions
  • Express certificate delivery available
  • Immediate, 24-hour customer service

The course contains text, videos, and animations aimed at helping you become a better driver in a way that's interesting and interactive. Take the Defensive Driving Online Course test at your own speed and convenience with Simple multiple choice and true-false quizzes outlining different aspects of driving safety.