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Traffic School
In some cases, you may be eligible to attend traffic school and have the charges against you dismissed. You may be required to pay the amount of the fine as an offset for traffic school, but the violation will not show on your record if you are allowed to attend.
Vehicle Equipment Violations
These are also known as a "fix-it" ticket and are usually related to broken windshields, lights, exhaust pipes, and lowered or otherwise altered chassis. Repair tickets can also be issued for violations including over-tinted windows, and illegal modifications to a vehicle.
Time Matters
If issued a traffic ticket in Alaska, you must respond within five working days of the date you received the ticket unless a specific date is listed on the bottom front of your ticket. If a specific date is listed, you must appear on that day and time.

Know the Facts

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The Alaska DMV has a points system in place to keep track of driving infractions. These points are entered against your driving records any time you are convicted of a traffic violation. The number of points for a given offense is based on the severity of the moving violation. Click on the topics below to view the details.


  Traffic Violations & Points Assessed        
  Moving Violations
  Speeding 3 to 9 mph over posted speed
  Speeding 10 to 19 mph over posted speed
  Speeding 20 mph or more over posted speed
  Careless Driving
  Following too close
  Failure to stop or yield
  Leaving scene of crash with damage (>$50)
  Speed contest / racing


The successful completion of a course from one of the approved traffic schools may prevent violations from damaging your driving record. While in many cases a course just might get a traffic ticket dismissed, attending traffic school can also enhance your driving knowledge and skill level, and it may increase your overall safety awareness so that you, your family, and other drivers can be safer on the roads.


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